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Project Description
Aspect Oriented Programming with Mono.Cecil (on build time and runtime)

This project contains three parts.
The first project is collection of helper that simplifies working with Cecil


The second project to explore aspect oriented programming.

Interceptions can be injected on build time or runtime. When you do on build that has insert attributes on methods

At runtime, the type must not be sealed and the methods must be virtual.

Dynamic WCF Client

This project allows you to dynamically create a WCF client. The operation is very easy by calling a single method.

You can have a client that implements the interface contract. The difference with proxy generation with svcutil is that the operation generates the type on the fly.

The wrappers are used in the same way.

The libraries uses the framework Mono.Cecil.

To use the dynamic WCF client, it is very easy. In the project that will use a WCF service:

 IMyService c = WcfWrapperFactory.Create<IMyService>("wsHttpBindingIMyService", "http://localhost:1826/MyService");

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